Garreth Trent

About Garreth Trent

Garreth is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Johannesburg, South Africa, on a mission to guide God’s people into an intimate encounter with Jesus through worship. His songwriting centers on lyrical content that resonates with people amid life’s struggles, drawing them closer to Jesus by sharing truths discovered through these experiences. Layered with harmony, Garreth’s songs serve as a canvas to highlight the message, prioritising its impact over vocal prowess or musical complexity, inviting listeners to focus on the message and the One the songs portray.

Garreth’s musical journey began in his formative years, guided by the Drakensberg Boys Choir and further enriched through his studies with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and UNISA. His commitment to Jesus reflects a genuine dedication to nurturing a relationship with God through authentic songs.

As a member of INFAITH Worship, Garreth’s mission is to foster unity in worship and share the timeless message of the Gospel. His music, featuring tracks like “Thank You For Choosing the Cross,” “Do You Still Love Me,” “Come Home,” and “You Are Mine,” embodies a gracefully produced and authentic style that carries themes of faith, love, and relationship with Jesus Christ, allowing the music to convey these sacred messages without the need for elaborate descriptions. It’s a sincere expression of his desire to share the beauty of faith and God’s love towards us through the universal language of song.

‘You Are Mine’ and ‘Better with You’ were featured on numerous Spotify playlists, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. He is humbled and privileged to have touched over 250k lives with his songs across various platforms. To God be all the glory.

‘My Jesus’, Garreth’s latest release, is now available on all major streaming platforms.